It-Sourcing, boolean search, x-ray;

It does not matter how you call it, most recruiters look at it as an extra thing that you do on the side. Let us make you experience how you can use sourcing effectively within your recruitment strategy.

 We will make this happen with a program that matches your companies need. 

Since 2012 we develop and organise training for professionals in recruitment.  If you have need in learning more about recruitment, personal branding, social media identifying different platforms or Sourcing we can deliver the knowledge to you in an easy to learn way.  Experience learns that each company has its own need of knowledge therefore we deliver mostly custom made training to you and your company.
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During this training Sourcing you will learn to source on different platforms. At the end of the day you will have build the start of your own talentpool that you can use in the process. 


During this short 2hrs clinic you will learn about privacy retention. 

This clinic is about  Dutch and European privacy laws and recruitment.


Learn to know your audience. How to target them and how can you get a higher ROI form sourcing as part of your recruitmentprocess.