Talent sourcing

We find the best candidates to meet the job. We search talent based on your wishlist. You will select the match for the vacancy and connect on a personal basis.  

Sourcing will give you a head start in the labour market. 


Talentsourcing is identifying, finding approach, gather end connect the right person to a vacancy. 

We deliver remote sourcing to different companies.


Talentmapping will help you to learn to know your targetgroup, for recruitment, events, labour market communication and acquisition.


Sourcing will make you less dependend of paid jobplatforms.


We use advanced boolean search for talentmapping to fill your companies pipeline with candidates. 


We are used in working with remote collaboration.

The profiles we find can be rated near real time by you being a recruiter or hiring manager. 


We can guarantee continuïty by scaling up with 1 or more experts in our network if needed.

Talentmapping will also give you measurable insights when making your persona's.