Our basic team


Do you have questions about Google sourcing, Bing search,  Boolean search, Linkedin sourcing, Hello Talent or talentmapping?   

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Sandor Lokenberg


Trainer expert sourcer teamlead

Seasoned in digital forensic investigations and  open source investigations. Through my experience as a recruiter and trainer i have found one of my core skills " connecting" people to each other en to knowledge. 


I teach at de Hogeschool voor Recruitment and am a speaker since 2012 on international events.

 AESC.org, Truamsterdam.com, HR infodays brussel

Marjolein Lokenberg


Sourcer en officemanager


Organizing, planning en progress are words that apply to me. As a sourcer i connect people to new opportunities. Progress and the candidate experience are often getting lost in translation. It is my second nature to focus on that subject.


I volunteer at a international magazine.

Wij work together with professionals in sourcing, labourmarket communication, executive search and recruitment. therefor we can offer quality and continuity.