Talentmapping around the world

What we do

We offer hands-on help to your recruitment proces.


We offer talent sourcing, and train recruiters and sourcers, in finding the best candidates.

We help companies build their own recruitment-strategy.


We find passion in connecting people and companies with todays techniques .


Sourcing gives you a head start in the labour market. 


Talent sourcing is identifying, finding approach, gather and connect the right person to a vacancy. 

We deliver our sourcing service to a wide range of companies all over the world.


Talent mapping will help you to learn to know your target group, for recruitment, events, labour market communication and acquisition.



IT-Sourcing, boolean search, x-ray;  most recruiters look at it as an valued add to their sourcing strategy..


Let us make you experience how you can use sourcing effectively within your recruitment strategy.


We will make this experience with a programm that matches your company's need.